The kingfisher bird of magic

The kingfisher is a blue and orange bird that can be found in most of the world. Though he is small, his symbolic meaning is very common in most of the world’s religions. The Kingfisher has long been recognized for his speed and agility as well as his keen hunting skills.¬† Nations of the Northwest¬†CoastContinue reading “The kingfisher bird of magic”

The Pet

There are many myths about unicorns, but one of my favorites is about impurity versus chastity and innocence . When water in a well becomes dirty you need just one unicorn who puts his horn in water and it turns out clear. When virgin gets impure she seduces a unicorn who lie down his headContinue reading “The Pet”

beauty of nature

If you think that my art is abut symbols or deeper inner meanings you should look at it again. ūüôā If there are flowers, when its about entery beauty of what nature can gave to us. The bloom of irises is fulfilled with bright colours and sensuality in veins in flower leaves. If you lookContinue reading “beauty of nature”

Sweets for sale

Maria Theresa mother of Queen of France Marie Antoinette wrote to her daughter who have recently arrived in France at age of 14 to marry the future Louis XVI and there already was a bug about her for wearing extravagant dresses –  “A beautiful young woman, a graceful queen, has no need for such madness.Continue reading “Sweets for sale”

Wall painting for Barber shop

One of my last grates collaboration is with inspiring Zane Skalberga (find out more) who designed interior for Barber shop. She chose to decorate kids room with drawings from retro gift cards and salon with wall painting ornaments. I try to do my best to carry out her idea and truly enjoying result. And whatContinue reading “Wall painting for Barber shop”

Peonies and other sweets

Good evening.¬†My¬†name¬†is¬†Ilze, and¬†I¬†am¬†addicted¬†to peonies painting.¬†And¬†I¬†think¬†It’s getting worse.¬† Now¬†I¬†can’t decide which¬†one¬†of¬†new¬†ones¬†I¬†want¬†to finish first so¬†I¬†paint¬†them together.¬†There¬†is¬†no such a¬†thing¬†as too much sweetness in¬†life.¬†I¬†put¬†on¬†music¬†and colours start there dance on¬†canvas,¬†flowers¬†and sweets become alive… Ok, to be true – borders between good and bad taste always charming me. Could it be more sugar in my paintings? What do you think…. PutContinue reading “Peonies and other sweets”

Rabbit and wolf

When I painted¬†women¬†I always have mixed feelings.¬†There’s so many stereotypes about what is feminine, what is beauty…¬†So usually I cover them under masks what they put on her faces for herself – to be¬†more strong,¬†powerful¬†or cuter, sexier..¬†more¬†foxsy¬†and wily…¬†and¬†sometimes¬†I see that¬†their¬†loved ones keep them under those masks.¬†But it¬†doesn’t¬†mean something bad, sometimes its work like¬†ancient¬†shamans do whenContinue reading “Rabbit and wolf”